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Making more of the net profit

You work hard for your money. We think you should keep it. Most companies take a large percentage of the net profit and leave you with the smallest share. At Perhead we charge a flat fee per active player per week. Whether your players lose 10 thousand or 10 million, we charge you the same rate. You keep the profits!

Perhead vs. Revenue Share

Here is an example of a business owner who made the switch to Perhead. Alex has 100 players that lose an average of $100/week; a total of $10,000 per week. With his old revenue share Alex hoped to make a 25% revenue share. Now, with Perhead, Alex only pays $14 per active player he has, making a profit of $8,600 per week. Alex makes 86% of the net profit or roughly $6,100 more using Perhead.

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Your Profit with Perhead

Back-end Solutions

Our backend will let you control and monitor every single aspect of your player’s account. Real time reporting will let you know where you stand at any time of the day. Having complete control of your operation and managing your players as you see fit is imperative to your business growth.

What does our Back-end include?

Our software lets you see:

  • Daily and weekly player account balances
  • Player History
  • Open bets
  • Win/Loss by wager type per player
  • Player balance and adjustments (bonus, free play)
  • Your hold percentage
  • Weekly Gross Earnings
  • and MUCH more!

And it lets you control:

  • Minimum/Maximum Wagers
  • Maximum Wager per sport, wager type, and game type
  • Ability to delete wagers
  • Parlay Odds
  • Teaser Points per sport
  • And an abundance of other options!

Which Back-end is for you?

Dynamic Reporting System:

The dynamic reporting system is the most advanced agent management software available via a DGS platform. Manage your sub-agents and players like never before. Here are just a few of the latest features.

  • Mini Ticker Tab - This shows you your players last 15 incoming bets.
  • Hotlinks - Create your own buttons for your favorite reports so you can access them easily and quickly.
  • Avatars - Assign avatars to your players and agents to easily recognize them.
  • Management - Manage your players and sub-agents in one efficient report.
  • Message Center - Send messages to all of your sub-agents and players or specific individuals.
  • Mobile - Make Changes, run reports, or change game lines; it's all right at your fingertips.
Dynamic Admin Backend

Classic Reporting System:

The classic reporting System is the traditional style you have seen for years. It is simple and efficient. Many of our veteran customers enjoy this style interface.

  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Traditional reporting
  • Classic style
Classic Admin Backend

Front-end Solutions

Our front end solution offers a wide range of high quality products that will help you stay competitive. Our betting software provides a sharp user friendly interface that will let your customers bet with ease. Our professional customer service team is available 24/7 365 to take care of any of your players' queries.

What does our Front-end include?

Betting Software

  • Complete Sportsbook
  • Casino
  • Racebook
  • In-Play betting
  • Live Dealer
  • Mobile Wagering
  • Sharp Lines
  • 24/7 Call Center
  • Free Toll-Free Number
  • Preventative solutions for DDoS Attacks
  • Content Management System

Which Front-end interface is for you?

Perhead is proud to offer interfaces designed specifically for your region. Whether you want a European or American style betting interface, we are here to provide you with what you want and need.

Dynamic Interface:

  • Customizable Bet Slip
  • Bet it all feature
  • Player Messaging System
  • In-Play betting

Classic Interface:

  • Bet according to bet type
  • Simple and stress free
  • Player Messaging System
  • In-Play wagering